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How to improve the charm of commodity packaging?

Release time:2021-11-11 14:41:07  Viewed:632

The function of packaging is to protect goods, convey goods information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation and promote sales. In order to improve the charm and appeal of goods in the hearts of consumers, it is necessary to improve the innovation of carton packaging design.

Grasp the basic attributes, dare to innovate, is the main means to improve the charm of commodity packaging.

Color innovation is to dare to break through the use of conventional color. For example, the mineral water and pure water in the drink are often not green or blue on the packaging, but Wahaha pure water on the contrary, bold use of red, seems to make people in a red hot environment, associated with the pure water to quench thirst, the result quickly swept the country, this is the innovation in the use of color. There is another is to seek innovation in the case of comparison, there are two contrast methods, one is in the same family comparison, but also in the comparison of packaging and packaging itself, will still have good results. For example, Shuanghui fish sausage chooses orange color in the casing and orange or sea blue color in the label design. As a result, they use fruit green. This fish sausage has become popular among consumers among similar products by comparing the two colors.

In the design, neither worship foreign things, also can not be conformist. In terms of artistic style, the more national, the more cosmopolitan. For example, folk paper-cuts or traditional silk patterns, or Chinese painting art, can be used. But it's not a copy. It's a breakthrough.

Creation and innovation, mainly refers to the innovation of packaging carrier or production technology. Carrier, enterprises should pay attention to fashionable green food packaging. In terms of technology, it is mainly the improvement of technological modeling, as well as the cartoonization and visualization of children's food packaging.

Anyway, if you want to achieve packaging in the promotion of the teaser, improve its charm, it must constantly innovation in the packing decoration design, constantly inject new cultural connotation, constantly enrich the new members of the family of packaging, new things, to improve the charm of this product in the consumers' mind, appeal, and then achieve the purpose of promotional products.

The unprecedented development of economy has brought earth-shaking changes to people's lives. People have more demanding requirements for "beauty" and put forward higher requirements for the beauty of packaging design. Therefore, personalized carton packaging design is increasingly popular among consumers.