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You should consider these details when customizing the packing box

Release time:2021-11-11 14:43:06  Viewed:675

1, light weight, good structure and performance. The corrugated structure is similar to the arch structure, which can play a role of anti-impact shock absorption and has good mechanical properties.

2. It has many good protection functions for the packaged goods. For example, moistureproof, heat dissipation, easy handling and so on.

3, low transportation cost, and easy to realize the mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation.

4, specifications and size change is easy to achieve, can quickly adapt to all kinds of goods packaging.

5, sealing, binding are convenient, easy to automatic operation.

6, can adapt to various types of carton decoration printing, can be a good solution to the problem of commodity protection and promotion.

7. Waste bins are easy to recycle and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

8, can be combined with a variety of coverings or moisture-proof materials, and greatly expand the scope of use of fruit packing boxes in the process of customization we need to take into account the precautions, do not look at the small fruit packing boxes, it can also play a safe and convenient role, the use of good words will have a different effect yo!

9, determine the function of the packaging box you want to customize a product must be in order to fit the attributes of our products, so first of all, you should make clear what the direct functional requirements are that I need to customize fruit packaging boxes. In the process of functional feasibility study, it is necessary to clarify the functional requirements, accurately realize the necessary functions of the packaging box, eliminate the excess functions, and improve the lack of functions.

10, determine the structure of the packaging box first need to be clear, whether or not fruit packaging box, structure is divided into internal and external parts, the internal structure is more focused on the convenience and safety of use, and the external structure is more focused on beauty and publicity, need designers to constantly modify and improve. Of course, the main purpose of the packaging box is the safety of the product, so we should pay attention to the focus of customization.

11, determine the shape of the packaging box modeling research including proportion design, linear design, the overall design proportion to coordinate, there is a certain sense of beauty; Linear design should consider the primary and secondary, consistent style, so that people can quickly judge the properties of details, and know how to operate. It is important that the shape should conform to the structure of the packaging box and clearly show the structure and assembly relationship. No matter how perfect the shape is, it can only be an empty frame without structure.