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A suitable environment is needed for the storage of cartons

Release time:2021-11-11 14:40:14  Viewed:634

Although the use of cartons has a good use effect, but the manufacturer's products are prone to excess. In this case, people need to carry out the correct preservation work, to ensure its normal use. So, what are the environmental requirements for the preservation of cartons? The following xiaobian will give you a popular science:

First of all, the requirements of environmental humidity. For the preservation of this kind of box, people need to pay attention to the environmental humidity. Because the production material used has special properties, if it is used for a long time in an environment with excessive humidity, it is easy to cause the carton to be affected with moisture, and even mildew. Such boxes also tend to deform during use, reducing their effectiveness.

Corrugated carton design, the preservation of carton needs a suitable environment

Second, stay away from fire. When storing cartons, remember to avoid open flames in the use environment, and also prohibit smoking, otherwise it is likely to lead to fire accidents. It not only causes the box to burn, but also endangers people's physical and mental health.

In general, people should not store them in the same area and pay attention to environmental factors. Only to ensure that environmental factors meet the relevant requirements, such cartons will not appear mildew or deformation in use, and can achieve the expected use effect, to meet the product needs of consumers.