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The advantages of carton packing in People's Daily life

Release time:2021-11-11 14:44:01  Viewed:711

1, convenient storage and transportation:

Cartons are light in weight, flexible in folding, easy to load and bind, and relatively easy to handle and keep.

2, easy to shape and decoration:

Carton can be designed according to different goods, various types of boxes, cartons have good ink absorption performance, good printing performance, printed out of the handwriting, bright patterns, firm, exquisite, can give full play to the promotion function of packaging.

3, environmental protection, no pollution:

Cartons have the advantages of health, non-toxic, tasteless, cartons can be completely closed, so it will not pollute the contents of the goods, cartons also meet the storage conditions of respiratory goods.

4, energy saving, environmental protection, recyclable:

Carton can be recycled directly, no pollution to the environment, carton is the world's recognized environmental friendly packaging products.

5, low price, economic saving:

Carton production raw materials, sources, easy to mass production, the production cost is low, the same packing, made of wood directly wooden cases compared with will be made of wood paper carton, carton material is only 1/3 of the wooden case, so to save energy and cost, carton weight, about 15% of the cases, can reduce the packaging cost and transportation cost.

6, good protection performance:

Compared with other materials packaging containers, cartons have strong cushioning and shock absorption performance, cartons are close seamless, can shade light and dust, due to the adoption of many new technologies, the development of new varieties, cartons in strength, stiffness, moisture resistance and other aspects can be comparable to wooden cases.

7, flexible and convenient production:

Cartons can be cut, folded, easy to stick, easy to nail, suitable for mechanized processing and automatic production, but also small scale non-mechanized production, and even manual production.