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Commonly used cardboard corrugated difference

Release time:2021-11-11 14:46:01  Viewed:671

1. A-type corrugated

The characteristic of a-type corrugated is that the number of corrugated tubes per unit length is small, and corrugated tubes are the highest. Corrugated boxes made of a-type corrugated boxes are suitable for lighter packaging and have greater cushioning power.

2, B type corrugated

B type corrugated and A type corrugated just the opposite, unit length of the number of corrugated and the lowest corrugated, its performance is also the opposite with A type of corrugated box made of B type corrugated, suitable for packaging heavier and harder items, mostly used in canned and bottled goods packaging. In addition, there is a tendency to use the characteristics of B-type corrugated hard and not easy to break, after cutting into a complex shape of the combination box.

3, C-type corrugated

The number and height of c-type corrugated per unit length are between A-type corrugated and B-type corrugated. Performance is close to A - type corrugated. In recent years, with the rise of storage and transportation costs, the small SIZE of C-type corrugated by people's attention, has become the European and American countries to adopt corrugated type.

4, E type corrugated

E type corrugated in 30 cm length of corrugated number is generally about 95, corrugated height is about 1.1㎜ compared with the outer packaging with A, B, C type corrugated, has the characteristics of thinner and harder. Therefore, the main purpose of developing e-type corrugated is to make it into a folding carton to increase buffering. Corrugated box made of E-type corrugated box, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, can be more complex printing, so it is usually used for decorative corrugated box/color box and other small specifications of the box.